This is a book full of hope and jokes.


A novella tells the story of a newly retired Frankie Boyle, lured back onto the panel-show circuit when people who fall under a certain level of celebrity start getting raped. Frankie pitched increasingly desperate ideas for new shows as he slides down the showbiz rankings and his arse drops ever closer to an obscure sodomising.


Interwoven with this numb hymn to show-business are chapters detailing Boyle’s worldview, an incessant fusillade of laughter and despair, the hollow clanging scream of a dying mechanical God and an honest attempt to describe the world by refusing to take it seriously.


Work! Consume! Die! Is the collected wisdom of an idiot. (Nobody’s looking, just stick it under your coat and run out of the shop.)

Work! Consume! Die!- Frankie Boyle

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