The perils of dating… and the unexpected surprises of life.


They were the best of friends and the most dedicated of bachelors – but Charles, Adam and Gray, spending their annual summer holiday cruising the Mediterranean, are about to have their single lives ricked to the core. By the time autumn comes, all three will tumble headlong into relationships they never saw coming, and for a while, they’re not sure if their dreams or worst nightmares have come true.


Charles – in search of the perfect socialite bride, he falls for a crusading social worker who couldn’t be further from his ideal, or so it seems.

Adam – always preferring his women mindless and very young, he finds one who has a mind of her own, and as sharp as his. In short order, she beats him at his own game.


Gray - having fought shy of family commitments all his life, he discovers love with a successful career woman who also happens to be a mother, and whose family is essential to her – much to his chagrin.


As the once-carefree trio finds out, love is the most unpredictable adventure of all…

Toxic Bachelors - Danielle Steel

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