The Sweetest Taboo

Sadie Nelson has two men to choose from and neither is hassle-free. First there’s Gil McGann, a Hollywood producer who’s flown Sadie from grey London to sun-soaked LA in order to win her heart. He has more to offer her than Sadie could ever have imagined… Then there’s gorgeous actor Travis Jones, whose sense of fun makes Sadie feel immediately at home. But can they ever be more than just good friends? The longer she leaves it, the harder it gets, and Sadie’s about to discover that in LA anything can happen…


A Compromising Position

Emily Miller has been betrayed. When her boyfriend posts compromising photos of her on the internet, her life goes into sharp decline. Emily is about to lose everything – including the man she thought she loved. Her best friend Cara, is determined to men Emily’s broken heart and she believes that a little magic is all that’s required. But will Cara cast the right spell to get Emily out of her current position? Or will it go horribly wrong when they both fall in love with the same man?


Let's Meet on Platform 8

Teri had dated more men than she’d had low-calorie, low-fat dinners and still hadn’t found Mr Right. She’d been through all of the other Mr Men through, in a short history of painful relationships – Mr Lazy, Mr Greedy, Mr Completely Selfish, Mr Looking-for-Mother-Substitute and Mr Downright Pervert – but, as yet, not Mr Right. That is, of course, until she is literally knocked off her feet by Jamie Duncan as they rush to catch their train home from Euston station: the 18.07 from Platform 8. Soon love blossoms and commuting takes on a whole new meaning. But one thing that can’t be ignore is that. As well as being Mr Right, Jamie is also Mr Married…

The Sweetest Taboo, A Compromising Position and Let's Meet on Platform 8

  • These books are being sold as a bundle together. Bundle Buys are books that have had a lot of use in their life and therefore show a lot more signs of use in their condition.  

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