A new year. A new page. A new reading group.


Five women meet for their first reading group, little realising this social gathering over books and glasses of wine might see them share more than literary debate… and will, in fact, take each of them to places they’d never imagine.


Harriet and Nicole are the ringleaders, best friends who can’t quite admit – to themselves or one other – they might be trapped in loveless marriages. While Polly, a determined single mum, finds herself tipped off course by an unexpected proposal. Susan, usually so carefree and happy, is forced to face a shattering reality and Clare, quiet and mysterious, plainly has more on her mind than next week’s book choice.


Over the coming year their worlds will intertwine in delightful, unexpected and surprising ways. Stories will be rewritten as dreams are made and broken, but through it all they’ll have the Reading Group, with friendship, tears and laughter featuring in every chapter of their lives.

The Reading Group - Elizabeth Noble

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