“The expectant father answered the door with a broad, relieved smile. “The midwife’s here!” he sang, welcoming me inside. My heart glowed with pride. When a woman’s in labour, there are no more comforting words a man can utter.”


When 20 year-old Linda Fairley had her first taste of midwifery at St Mary’s Maternity Hospital, Manchester, it was a place form a bygone era. Nurses in full skirts and starched caps hurried around steaming laundries and milk kitchens, Matron’s commands booming after them. Outside the hospital walls, Manchester was in full sixties swing: colour filled the streets; the mood landing dominated the headlines: the Beatles blasted from every radio.


Little did Linda know then the trials she would face. As the years passed and Greater Manchester changes around her, she dedicated herself to its parents, often racing along its cobbled streets to the aid of women ricj and poor – most times delivering a little miracle, but at other the hardest of news. Forty years and over 2000 babies later, Linda is one of Britain’s longest-serving midwives.

The Midwife's Here - Linda Fairley

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