It’s the ultimate game. To win, you have to kill. To lose, you have to die. If he’s chosen you to play, then it’s game over.


A brutal serial killer is at large. Each victim is a former beauty queen, a single rise placed next to their mutilated bodies. The scenes of bloodshed have become familiar to Detective Lindsay McAllister. For four years, dozens of women have been slain, leaving behind sharrered families.


Judd Walker is one of those devastated souls. His wife died at the killer’s hands, leaving him an empty shell, living only for revenge. As the murders become more frenzied – and more frequent – Lindsay realises she needs Judd’s help. Has the killer lost control – or is it something even more terrifying?


As the truth dawns on Lindsay that she’s hunting for not only one but two psychopaths, she becomes a pawn in their deadly game. The rules have changed – and no one is safe.

The Dying Game - Beverly Barton

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