For over ten years Louis Theroux has been making programmes about offbeat characters on the fringes of US society.


Now he returns to America and attempts to track down some of the people who have most fascinated him over the years, trying to discover what motivates them, why they believe the things they believe, and what has happened to the assorted dreamers, outlaws, and eccentrics since he last saw them.


On a journey that takes him to the porn sets of Los Angeles, among the UFO contactees of Arizona, and up to far Northern Idaho for a festive get-together of leading neo-Nazis, he asks what ‘weird people’ have to tell us about our own secret natures. Has he learned anything about himself by being among them? Do we choose our beliefs or do our belief choose us?


Louis Theroux’s first book is a hilarious, thought-provoking and at times surreal voyage into the heart of weirdness.

The Call of the Weird - Louis Theroux

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