Silent Sisters

Jenny and Kim had a brutal childhood, growing up in a house where no one was safe and violent beatings and sexual abuse were part of daily life. Both girls escaped the family home as soon as possible but in a sickening pattern of violence, Jenny went on to suffer unimaginable degradations at the hands of her violent partner and Kim had to cope with the agony of watching history repeat itself. Through all the horror, what kept the sisters going was the extraordinarily powerful bond between the two of them, which has survived terrifying pain and given them the strength to triumph over the past.


One Child

Six-year-old Sheila was abandoned by her mther on a highway when she was four. A survivor of horrific abuse, she never spoke and never cried. She was placed in a class for severly retarded children after committing an atrocious act of violence against another child. Everyone thought Sheila was beyond salvation – except her teacher, Torey Hayden. With patience, skill and abiding love, she fought long and hard to release a haunted little girl from her secret nightmare – and nuture the spark of genius she recognized trapped within Sheila’s silence. This is the remarkable story of their journey together – an odyssey of hope, courage, and inspiring devotion that opened the heart and mind of one lost child to a new world of discovery and joy.

Silent Sisters and One Child

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