Three families in Liverpool, connected by blood, separated by circumstance.


The O’Neils, who have lost brothers and sons into the bowels of London’s East End, keep watch over their one remaining young male, a boy named Seamus. Hardworking and good-hearted, they cling together and help each other, as as the whole community.


Meanwhile, Rosh Allen mourns the loss of Phil, her dearly beloved husband. Aided and impeded by hermother, Anna, she struggles to raise three fatherless children. With the help of a kind-hearted neighbour, her wounds begin to heal, and she begings to take the first faltering steps into ‘normality’.


Tess and Don Compton are on the verge of separation. An apparently greedly and selfish woman, Tess wants a semi-detached house and all her own way. But what really life behind her desire to live on the posh side of the street?


Behind three families, two men are ar work. One will do horrific damage; the other will reunite a clan that descends from Ireland, and ancestors thrown ashore from the ships of the Spanish Armada.

Lights of Liverpool - Ruth Hamilton

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