Tying the knot can leave you in a tangle…


James is everything Tish has ever wanted in a husband – handsome, dependable, and great father material – even her mother approves. He’s a world away from Tish’s first love, the disreputable Fergal who abandoned her for a life of rock and roll, fame and fortune. After Fergal broke her heart, James helped mend it.


Having brought a cottage in the country where Tish can write for work and bake for pleasure, the next step is kids and then a lifetime of domestic bliss. And even if James sometimes treats the village pub like a second home, surely that’s just a harmless seven-year itch? But then Fergal’s unexpected arrival in her little village stirs up a whole host of unwanted feelings… Why is marriage to Mr Right making her long for Mr Wrong?

Good Husband Material - Trisha Ashley

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