The Second World War is over and the troops are coming home to Civvy Street. They are about to find out that life as they know it has changed drastically…


Celebrations of Tom’s return are under way, but his wife Jessie is worried. She must tell him that their little girl is in a children’s home – and there is worse to come, when Ton learns that Jessie’s old boyfriend has been helping her during the war. Filled with rage and jealousy, he storms out of the house and doesn’t return. The war has left a grim aftermath for Jessie to struggle through. Yes amidst the spivs and shady criminal that seem to pervade her life, the destruction and rationing, the gutsy, positive attitude of her fellow Eastenders helps to keep her buoyant and she survives.


But just when things start going right for Jessie, she is confronted with her past as it sets out to seek an unjust revenge…

At The Mile End Gate - Sally Worboyes

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