An Unbreakable Bond

1913: Orphans Megan and Hattie have spent all their childhood years within the confines of a stricy convent. But now the time has come for the pair to forge their own way in the world… Megan is to become an apprentice seamstress and Hattie is to work as a scullery maid at Lord Marley’s country residence. Megan’s future looks set, but then the aftershock of WWI deals a devastating blow. She now has to make a choice that could alter the course of her future. Life for Hattie is less fortunate and, after a devastating encounter with Lord Marley, she is forced to earn a living working the streets. The horrors she uncovers are greater than any she could ever have imagined; each night she dreams of a way out. Will their unbreakable bond carry them through their suffering? And can the girls find their happiness they never had growing up?


Strolling With The One I Love

Kate Spencer and her best friend Monica Parry have plenty to keep them busy – their boisterous young families seem to need constant supervision, and it’s not easy running their Liverpool household on the meager wages their husbands bring in. But the plight of a neighbour’s teenage daughter soon brings home to them just how lucky they are. Seventeen-year-old Margaret Blackmore is pregnant, and her boyfriend insists he can’t be the father. Unable to stand by and watch while a young life is ruined, Kate and Monica determine to help poor Margaret if they can. Is her boyfriend telling the truth? And if so, who on earth is responsible? The local busybody, Winnie Cartwright, may be able to provide the answer.

An Unbreakable Bond and Strolling With The One I Love

  • These books are being sold as a bundle together. Bundle Buys are books that have had a lot of use in their life and therefore show a lot more signs of use in their condition.  

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