Ex-deniable operator Nick Stone seems to be libing his dream, not a care in the world as he steers his campr can round the surfing and parachuting paradise of Australia. But when he sees a news report of the massacre of women and children in a terrorist outrage on the other side of the world, long-surpressed memories are triggered, and Nick knows he must risk everything to rrpay a longstanding debt of friendship.


As events unfold in the teeming streets of modern Istanbul and the bleak, medieval villages of Georgia, Nick finds himself catapulted once more into the murky, clandestine world he thought he’d left behind – a world in the grip of nameless enemies who linger in the shadows, and stalk the corridors of power…


Good news, Bad news

Meet Charlie and George – everyday blokes making the best of dead-end jobs in a grubby London photo kiosk.


Good news: life is about to get a lot more interesting for both of them.

Bad news: it’s about to get a hell of a lot more dangerous too.

Fifty-fifty odds. Head, you live, tails, you die. A spy’s survival depends on weighing up all possible outcomes – but who could have imagined this?

Good new, bad news is the name of the game, and Charlie and George are about to play for their lives.

Aggressor and Good News, Bad News

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