‘Cindy was holding a little ball of fur in her hand.


It was a tiny, tiny grey kitten with a round head and funny-looking ears that folded forward and down. The kitten stared directly into my eyes, and mewed. A quiet little mew right at me. And to this day I swear that he smiled.’


Peter was a confirmed loner and car hater, until he was given a small, grey (and impeccably handsome) kitten with folded ears by his then girlfriend. The girlfriend went but Norton stayed – in fact, he and Peter became inseparable.


Trotting along beside him down the street, having his own chair in restaurants or sitting on Peter’s lap on plane journeys, Norton made his presence felt and Peter was a loner no more. But, after learning how to love his cat, would Peter learn how to love another human too?

A Cat Called Norton - Peter Gethers

  • This book has been 'Very Very Loved' which means it is in very good condition.

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