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Helloo and welcome to the Twice Loved Blog (ahhh we are excited!!)

We are Laura and Emily, two sisters from the West Midlands who started Twice Loved, the second-hand bookshop. Some people say we look alike – you can make your own judgement from the photo below. We have become each other’s best friend and so who better to be starting this business with?! You can find out more about us here and there’s more to come soon.

We both love to read and have been known to be reading the same book at the same time (we are great at no spoilers!) We grew up loving the same author, Jacqueline Wilson but have slowly over the years developed different favourites. Laura loves anything fiction whilst Emily loves all things thriller. No matter what our favourites, we have always enjoyed talking about books we are reading, have read or should read. Yet, we are always left wondering what to do with the books we have finished reading? Having a home library would be the dream but neither of us live in a house to accommodate that (without moving the rest of the family out!) We guessed that other people were in the same situation and without us even realising the idea of twice loved was born.

Twice Loved is here to provide you with great second-hand books to read and love. Well, you don’t have to love them but maybe don’t tell the books that! Then not only does this give you books to read, sold at lower prices than other retailers, but it also continues a books journey and stops them from going to *whispers* landfill!! So, we help you and you help the planet – win win! You can check out the current stock in our shop here.

Howeverrrr, we couldn’t help feeling as though Twice Loved needed a little something else, like the sprinkles on an ice cream and that’s where the blog comes in. On the blog we want to bring you all the greatness about reading and books including book reviews, exploring the benefits of reading and promotions coming to our online shop.

We are super excited to be starting this blog and hope to provide you with something to enjoy at the same time as shopping our books. We will see you here every Monday but you can stay up to date on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Please feel free to comment and get in touch with us too 😊

Thank you for reading our first blog post!

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