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We hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about us on our last blog. If you haven’t seen our book related question and answer yet, check it out here. Now we thought it was time to explain Twice Loved to you and what you can expect to see on our website.

We are a second-hand bookshop and all of our books have already been loved by another reader. We find our books either from our own collections, through donations or out on the hunt for them. Searching for books for other people to love is possibly one of our favourite parts!

Once we have found the books, we pop them into categories – Loved, Very Loved or Very Very Loved. The more loved they are, the better care someone has taken of them and ultimately the better condition they are in. Naturally due to all of our books being second hand, there will be some signs of use, however, we like to think that everyone is adding to the books journey – not making them less desirable. You’ll see the category of the books in the photos and description area on the website so you can know the condition of the book you are buying.

The photos you see on the website are all taken by us and show you the actual book that you will receive. Once you’ve purchased from us, we package up the books and send them out to you to read and love. You have to be quick though, we only usually have one copy of each book so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

We’ve always wondered what to do with the books we’ve read and guess other people feel the same way. So we are really excited that we can now provide a way to share all of those books that otherwise might have sat on the shelf getting dusty (and the books don’t want that!)

So that’s how we do it – why don’t you go and find the books you want from our shop here. You can also stay up to date with our books, new stock and all things Twice Loved on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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