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How are you feeling? We bet you guys are probably feeling as we are in isolation so we are sending you hugs and happy thoughts.

From our Welcome blog post, you will know we are Laura and Emily. If you didn’t see our first post you can go and have a read of it here. We want to introduce ourselves a little bit more and thought there is no better way than to answer some book related questions. We would also love to hear some of your responses to the questions in the comments below!

What is the first book you ever remember reading?

L: I don't know which book I read first but I know that it would have been a Jacqueline Wilson book of some kind because I used to love her books and had them all. However, the book that has stuck in my mind all these years is War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. That book really moved me and it is the first book I can say that I fully immersed myself in and could 'picture' the characters, etc.

E: This is hard for me because I have the worst memory (Laura will agree with that!) However, when I think about reading as child, I think about either Jacqueline Wilson or Michael Morpurgo. I’d like to pinpoint a Jacqueline Wilson book but when I’ve thought about them, there’s too many I enjoyed. I also remember reading Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Cool’ over and over again when I was young. Writing this is actually making me want to go and read it again now!

Who is your favourite author of all time and which is your favourite book by them?

L: 'Of all time' is hard to judge. If you'd have asked me this when I was younger, I'd have said Jacqueline Wilson. My answer to this currently would be Giovanna Fletcher. I like her style of writing and my favourite book of hers to date is Billy and Me. I am not ashamed to admit, I cried my eyes out reading that book!

E: Sarah Pinborough and Behind Her Eyes!! I can answer that question without hesitation. Last year I read behind her eyes after it being recommended and brought for me by a friend. At the time I wasn’t a very big lover of thriller books and wouldn’t reach for them off the shelves. But my oh my how my view has been changed now. Behind Her Eyes had me physically gasping at the storyline and I’ve not looked back at buying thrillers and more Sarah Pinborough books since!

What genres do you love?

L: I like to read fiction mainly. However, Emily did lend me a thriller to read, 'Behind her eyes' and I found myself extremely engrossed in that, so I may venture over to the thriller genre a bit more in the future.

E: I often find I can swap the genre I am loving all the time. I am all about the thrillers but find that I can’t read these back to back. In between I like to change it up with anything modern fiction.

What attracts you to a book?

L: The author a lot of the time. If I like one book of a certain author then I tend to look at other books that they have. I don't often read blurbs if I'm honest, I tend to go by recommendations.

E: I know the old saying is “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but I really can’t help it. I get drawn it by a cover and although I don’t look for anything in particular, I know the ones I like when I see them. After the front cover I will read the blurb and if I like the sound of it, I’ll buy it. People’s recommendations always make me have a look at the blurb of a book so please leave some in the comments!

Would you like more time to read books?

L: I really would! I find reading very relaxing and it is something I hope to do more of over the summer in the garden. However, that is if my 6 month old allows me!

E: Absolutely!! I'd love to spend more time reading but sometimes life just gets in the way.

Where do you read?

L: I mainly read in bed, either first thing in the morning or just before bed.

E: Everywhere and anywhere. I love to read a few chapters in bed before I go to sleep but any other time of the day I’m happy on the sofa under a blanket or out in the garden when it’s sunny. As long as I’m comfy, I can read!

What is the last book you read?

L: The last book that I fully read was Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough which was incredible. I then changed genre massively and currently coming to the end of Letters on Motherhood by Giovanna Fletcher. A perfect one for me at the moment with having a 6 month old and it has inspired me to write letters to my little boy for him to read one day.

E: I read I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella and it was sooo good. I hadn’t read a Sophie Kinsella book before but I really enjoyed it and have just ordered another one of her books. It’s was a lovely romantic story with all the right twists and turns. It was everything I wanted in a chick-lit book and more so I highly recommend!!

Has a book ever made you cry?

L: As I said in an earlier question, and I'm the same as Emily on this one; Billy and Me. I cried my eyes out! If you have never read it, I highly recommend it.

E: Oh boy yes! Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher made me blubber. I also think from that book onwards I always seem to shed a little tear somewhere in a story – it opened the floodgates!

What author would you dearly love to meet?

L: I'm the same as Emily on this one too (we are so similar); Giovanna Fletcher, Carrie Hope Fletcher, but I'd also love to meet Tom Fletcher. Do you reckon they'd have us over for Sunday dinner Emily? Giovanna's roast potatoes always look amazing!

E: I’m torn in my answer to this one between Carrie Hope Fletcher or Giovanna Fletcher. They are from the same family sooo theoretically if I visited for a family Sunday dinner, I’d meet both?! I love both as authors and enjoy reading their books. However, I also love Carrie in theatre and listening to her amazing voice. Giovanna Fletcher’s bubbly personality and the work she does for small businesses and charities makes me love her.

What is the last book you brought and where did you buy it from?

L: The last book I bought was another Giovanna Fletcher one (am I slightly obsessed?). I have purchased EveIllusion which is book two in the Eve of Man Trilogy. It hasn't arrived yet but I will be straight into it when it does; book one left us on such a cliffhanger!

E: Wellll…. I may or may not have placed a large book order recently (which means I definitely did!) In that, was EveIllusion, like Laura said. I am hoping to do a blog post on my To Be Read pile so I’ll save some for that. Sneak peak though, I brought Holly Bourne – How Do You Like Me Now. Has anyone read this? What did you think of it if you have? I obviously brought this online because none of the book shops are open at the moment which is making me sad!

And that’s us! We’ve really enjoyed answering these questions and would love to hear some of your thoughts on the questions and our answers in the comments below. We also always want to hear your book recommendations because we are forever looking for our next read!

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Stay safe!

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